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A Journey Into an organic lifestyle 

Jim jam garden man setup his business inspired through his passion for growing organic vegetables from his allotment.



Jim has introduced vegetable gardens into his business from the passion and dedication he has for his allotment. 

The aim for this is to support as many of his clients as possible, in creating their own fruit and vegetable gardens.

Jim has gained valuable knowledge over the years from studying no dig gardening online. Practicing and perfecting the art of growing by following Charles Dowding, a leading expert in market gardening and no dig. 

Jim believes that he can bring the right level of expertise to help in creating a successful vegetable garden of your own.

Jim is aiming to support healthy lifestyles, saving money and passing on his passion for gardening.


  • Aim to support our clients in growing their own fruit and vegetables at home from raising seedlings to picking their first harvest 

  • Supporting a healthy lifestyle for as many people as possible

  • Save our clients money in the long run

  •  Using no dig gardening to make gardening easier, better for the environment and soil life and for an overall healthier crop.

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